Being sick is literally and figuratively expensive. But the good news is one can now protect from his or herself from these stressful medical expenses through the products and services of an HMO. HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. It is a company that provides assistance to members during times of medical expenses. Providing health insurance is the primary product of an HMO company.  To know more about these different HMO companies in the Philippines, below is a suggestive list of the different health card for you and your loved ones.

Intellicare (Formerly Asalus Corporation)

Considered as the country’s preeminent HMO, Intellicare was founded on November 21, 1995, with its former company named Asalus Corporation.  It was in 2003 when the company name was changed into Intellicare and it was also at this time when the company was included in the Top 5 HMOs  because of its earned premiums.  In 2016, it reached its 1,000,000-membership milestone.

This brought them to hold on to its commitment to lead, to innovate and to trailblaze a progressive and holistic approach in healthcare management.  It now has an active 1 million members that were catered by their medical, dental and health professionals.  Currently they have 43,500 affiliated doctors and specialists in its network nationwide.

It specializes in corporate accounts and as of the moment they do not cater to individual/family accounts.  For interested corporate accounts, the company should have at least a minimum of ten (10) employees for proposal and quotation.  Small and medium enterprises should have at least 20 to 50 enrollees which already includes dependents to avail of the Intellicare’s fit plan.

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation was founded and incorporated in 1987 by an esteemed group of doctors and businessmen.  They were one of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO).  Their vision is to deliver a better healthcare system and after more than twenty (20) years, the company became a consistent #1 HMO in the Philippines and is continuously innovating in providing a comprehensive healthcare program.  This has been achieved through its active and wide network of medical providers and with its excellent customer service.

Maxicare is under the Equicom Group of companies.  Equicom is a diversified conglomerate that specializes in information technology, banking, computer services, financial and leasing services and healthcare.  With its existence of more than 2 decades, Maxicare has contributed valuable achievements to the organization.  Today, its has at least 56,000 affiliated doctors and specialists that is growing in numbers and around 1,000 hospitals and clinics.  It also has a number of growing primary and customer care centers in key cities across the country.  It currently serves over 1.1 million members ranging from corporate to small and medium businesses to families and individuals

Health plan offerings for family and individuals:

  • MyMaxicare
  • Maxicare EReady
  • Maxicare EReady Advance
  • Maxicare PRIMA
  • Maxicare Plus
  • Maxicare Starter Plan
  • Maxicare Business Essentials

MediCard Philippines

Medicard offers comprehensive healthcare services not only to families but to corporations and small and medium enterprises as well.  With this, it has made them a leading healthcare services along with its sustained leadership position.  This can be attributed to its strong market presence and aggressive mobilization of its networks with its HMO Card through its Medicard clinics which are situated at key cities with its active partners and doctors all over the country.  The goal is to provide quality healthcare to Filipinos.

Medicard Philippines Inc was established and incorporated in December 1986.  Their mission is to provide a total healthcare coverage to key cities in the country.  The company was established by a group of physicians who felt the need of a quality and accessible healthcare to as many Filipinos as possible. Their products and services started with prioritizing only individuals and families, but the company has evolved into providing services to multi-national and Filipino owned corporations.  Currently, it now has almost one million members and over 51,000 accredited doctors in over 1,000 clinics and hospitals all over the country. MediCard also owns fifteen (15) branches of free-standing clinics which provides quality healthcare services and at par with those offered by hospitals with no confinement.

To target more Filipinos, MediCard also introduced the following health plans to its members

  • My MediCard
  • RxER
  • Health Plus
  • Health Check Cards
  • MediCard Kabayan 

Caritas Health Shield

Caritas Health Shield is a healthcare company that was established in 1995 and is one of the first companies that revolutionized the concept of healthcare services because of its superior and quality iconic multi-year health plans.  Now, the company has 76 branches so its members are provided with quality medical services.  It also has a wide network of accredited healthcare providers such as doctors of medicine, dentists, hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic clinics. Caritas Health Shield also operate its very own Clinica Caritas with 15 branches nationwide that are open and ready to serve the health care needs of more than 200,000 members.

Caritas Health Shield has established the following products to individually and collectively cater to the member’s health and financial requirements.

  • Caritas Life Insurance
  • Caritas Financial Plans
  • Clinica Caritas

Value Care Health Systems, Inc. (ValuCare)

ValuCare is a managed care company established in 1997 by a group of

medical practitioners that are committed in providing comprehensive healthcare services to its valuable members.  Through its hassle-free outpatient consultation and hospitalization benefits and its wide network of health care providers and facilities, it has become one of the leading managed care companies in the Philippines.  With a lean team of forty (40) employees, it has now grown into a three hundred (300) service-oriented staff that is ready to serve its members nationwide.  There have been local offices in key cities such as Davao, Cebu and Iloilo to cater to the needs to its ever-expanding clienteles.

Currently, it has more than 1,300 affiliated clinics and hospitals, 990 dental clinics and 19,000+ doctors who are all experts in their fields to provide quality medical services to its plan holders.  Valucare is committed to continuously improve and expand to reach out to more customers in an easy, convenient and accessible manner. Its relations team is making sure that all these services are readily available to their members anywhere they are.

Below are its products and services:

  • Individual Account – These are for eligible individual with no dependents and not enrolled within a group or corporate account.
  • Family Account – This for a family with a minimum of 3 members and at least one (1) adult as principal member.
  • Corporate Account – This is for a group of individuals working in the same company / organization with at least 20 regular employees.

Availing a health card for yourself, your family or for employees if you are a business owner is one great way to secure the future in terms of health emergencies.  This keeps everyone worry free and an assurance of a brighter future.  Make sure that your HMO will help you achieve these things.