We have rounded up the best money remittance companies in the Philippines to guide you in making the right choice. Check out the list below.


LBC is now the market leader in cargo and logistics specializing in documents, mail, parcels and boxes.  It also ventured in payments and money transfers.  Currently it has 6,400 growing networks of locations and partner agents in over 30 countries worldwide.  Its commitment to businesses and communities to moving lives and delivering smiles around the world is made realized in every transaction it makes

Services Offered:  LBC Express – this is their main and popular money transfer service.  It is their mission to make sure that your money gets safely to the person who needs it most.  Their belief in customer first is what drives them to be good at what they do.  With their vast network of 1,400 LBC branches, agencies, and money remittance service partners. You are sure that your transaction is safe, fast and hassle free.  Below are its products and services:

  • Instant Peso Padala
  • Instant Peso Padala Online
  • Instant Peso PAdala International
  • Remit to Account
  • Door to Door
  • Remittance Partners

Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier is one of the leading and largest money remittance companies in the country.  It has over 2,500 branches nationwide and it is under P.J. Lhuillier, Inc. (PJLI), its proud parent company which was established in 1988.  The PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies or the PJLGC is one multi-industry and dynamic company that deals with financial services.  It owns companies that operates in financial business dealings such as pawning, microinsurance, remittance, micro savings and business to business micro loan solutions.  The company also is into other industries such as retail, hotel, IT, sports management, restaurant, and real estate.  It is currently exploring other ventures to add up in their business portfolio.

Services Offered:

  • Pawning
  • Money Remittance
  • Microinsurance
  • Microloans
  • Bank
  • Institutional Services
  • 24k Rewards Program
  • Micro Savings
  • Ecebuana App

Other Services:

  • For Individuals
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Bills Payment
    • E-Load
    • Perapal
    • Top Up
  • For Businesses
    • Corporate Payout
    • Collection Services
    • Cebuana Lhuillier Authorized Agent

M Lhuillier Financial Services

For immediate monetary and financial needs, the M Lhuillier Financial services is the place to go.  This money remittance company is one of the largest and most reputable non-bank financial institutions.  Their services in sending and receiving money makes them the premier and popular remittance center in the Philippines.  It currently has more than 3,000 existing branches nationwide.  They also have over 100 remittance partners whom they trust that helps them reach far-flung areas in the Philippines and abroad.  They are committed to fast, easy and quality remittance service for all.

Products and Services Offered:  As one of the industry leaders, they offer a wide-range of services and products that include:

  • Kwarta Padala
  • Quick Cash Loan
  • Insurance Plan
  • Money Changer
  • Jewelry
  • ML Wallet
  • ML Express
  • Telco and TV Loading

Western Union

This American based financial services and communications company with headquarters located in Denver, Colorado operates worldwide in providing cross-border, cross-currency money movement.  Western Union is now a global leader in helping people and businesses with money matters.  They help move money to grow economies and building a better world, making it one of the most trusted money remittance companies.  With its continuous investment in innovation and development of ways to send money either digital mobile and retail channels, they are able to provide an array of convenient pay-out options in order to meet business as well as consumer needs.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Money Transfer Services
  • Business Financial Services
  • Bill Payment
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Technology
  • Digital Applications
  • Digital Payments
  • Digital Money Transfer

Palawan Pera Padala

One of the fastest growing and leading money remittance companies in the country today is Palawan Pawnshop.  It has become one of the most reliable and convenient one-stop money shop that offers varied financial services to Pinoys all over the country.  It operates seven days a week in very convenient and strategic locations for its customers.  It started as a pawn brokering business but has expanded its services and now includes money remittances with its famous product which is the Palawan Express Pera Padala.

With more than 35 years of offering their loyal customers fast, easy and reliable Pera Padala services, Palawan Pawnshop is available almost to all cities, municipalities and remote towns nationwide.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Pawning
  • Pera Padala
  • Money Changer
  • Accident Insurance
  • Bills Payment
  • Cash Card/ATM Withdrawal
  • Suki Card
  • Padala to Bank Account
  • E-Loading
  • International Money Remittance

In helping you choose a good remittance center in the country, bear in mind that its products and service should be affordable, money sending and receiving should be quick, convenient, reliable, and secure.  Most of all the employees are treating you well and with a wonderful customer service.